Thursday, August 4, 2011


On day 15 we arrived in Tenants Harbor and we sailed instead of motoring most of the way. For dinner we ate crabs named Rufus, Shell, Seagull, and Bob (I think we got a little too attached to them). Then on day 16 we went to Rockland. We stayed that night. The next day we went into town and we walked SO long our legs hurt. Then we went to a little grocery store and a bagel bakery called Hole in the Wall. When we were done we carried our heavy groceries back to the boat. Today there is the lobster festival and something like big carnival with rides and games. At the festival I got lobster pot earrings and and a lobster Pandora charm. It was so much fun. Lobsters Rock!!!
My lobster Pandora charm

My lobster shirt

My lobster buoy earrings

King Neptune and Black-beard opening the lobster festival

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