Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long overdue

 It may sound like I'm really behind on my blog because if all the the islands I've listed but we only went to each island for a couple nights each. Believe it or not It's only been 3 weeks since my last post.

 After St. Lucia we went to Bequia, part of the Grenadines. Most of the islands I'll talk about are part of the Grenadines. They are known for their model boats. We (Julia, Remi, and I) made our own out of coconut shells that we found cracked open and ate. (We spent 3 nights there)

Mystic was a pleasant place where we spent Remi's birthday. (3 nights)

Then we went to Canouan, which was a really rolly anchorage. When we are in a rolly anchorage we have a hard time walking around and doing stuff. We didn't get on land at all. (1 night)

We went to Mayreao and we found a swimming pool that was next to a bar. Adults were lounging on floats in the pool with their drinks so we couldn't spash at all until they got out. (1 night)

After that met up with S/V Dilly Dally and Giamar in the Tobago Cays. We spent our time snorkeling in a turtle sanctuary. We went to a beach BBQ were someeelse grilled and Julia, Madeline, Wyatt, Remi, and I played freeze tag on the beach. (3 nights)

Then we went to Union, the last island in the Grenadines. They had really good fruit. There was bananas, mango, pineapples, starfruit, papaya, and my favorite, passion fruit.(2 nights).

Then we went to Carricou and we anchored of a beach that has a little saltwater pond on it. When I say pond, I mean it is still clear and the only thing separating the ocean from the pond is a wall of huge pieces of dead coral. It is excellent snorkeling in the pond, which is as deep as a shallow baby pool. It suddenly drops of at the end with coral, rocks, fish, sea urchins and other amazing sea life. It is really cool to lie on the edge and look over at the ‘guard fish’ and coral. The ‘guard fish’ are fish that come at you strait on, only diverting when their fear of us overcomes them. We made a crab house, like a fairy house except for crabs, on the beach with our friend, Julia. (5 nights)

Now we are in Grenada, the spice island, and have been enjoying it emensly. We are in a marina and they have a pool. Now, not only have we been playing with Germans now we are playing with Finns and some French kids!

Thanks for reading my blog! Here is the next chapter of my story.


The rowing boat was leaking and water was pouring in. The rim of the boat was two inches above the water and my shins were submerged, too. I had learned about density in school and I knew that if the boat filled up any more, it would sink. I franticly waved my arms in the air hoping that the three masted boat would see me. It did, and it turned, its sails fluttering like a seagull and then slowly but steadily settled on the other side of the ship. I quickly turned and started bailing out the dingy. The boat came closer and closer and I only stopped bailing out when I could see the Canadian colors flying behind the boat. Soon after that I could read the name of the vessel -Skipchaser- stood out bold, like a sliver of the night sky lying on pure white, shimmering snow. Someone on the boat, which was pure white and shimmering, threw me a rope ladder that I caught with the greatest difficulty.
"Have her come up on the port stern." someone yelled from the ship.
"Roger that, Captain." said a girl about my age. "Did you you hear the Captain? Come up on our port aft."
''What does 'port aft' mean?" I yelled back to her.
"Great" she mumbled sarcastically to herself "A non-sailor." then said to me "Port means the left of the boat and aft means back, so come up on the left side of the back."
"But didn't the Captain" I said proud of my small knowledge of sailing slang. "Say to come up on the port stern?" I asked.
"Yah, aft and stern mean the same thing. Now, enough chit-chat, just come on up here!" she said getting impatient. "The bitter end of the rope ladder is made fast to a cleat."
"What?" I said. I would have to get used to this natical way of talking.
"Just come up!" she urged. I scooted up the rope ladder stopping halfway up to make sure I hadn't left anything in the rowboat. Oh, no! I had left the orange sea glass in the digny, that was drifting away. Then I felt a burning sensation and felt the necklace around my neck, there was defiantly something mysterious about the sea glass.
"Hi, I'm Desiree" the girl said "What are you doing out here in the middle of the ocean?"
"We can't be that far away from land." I replied.
"Only 10 miles." Desiree said. "What's your story?"
"I quickly made up a story, knowing that no one would believe the truth about magic sea glass and tiny birds.
"My mom sent me here from Maine while she went to a vacation to Italy. I was playing on the beach in that boat and I drifted away."
"Well, we'll be going to Maine but not for six months. Maybe, you can come with us, if that's not too late." Desiree said.
"Perfect, that's when she's expecting me." I replied.
"We're gonna tack." the Captain yelled.
"Duck!" Desiree told me.
"Why?" I asked confused.
"No questions, just duck."
I did, but not soon enough. Something hit me square in the head. I fell over but quickly regained my balance, hand to head.
"What was that?" I asked bewildered.
"It was the boom of the mizzenmast." Desiree replied running towards me. I had a lot to learn in these six months of sailing.


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