Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi Everyone

We left Love cove and arrived at Seal Cove. On the way we saw dolphins jumping up and down in the water. We have also seen a whale swimming, but not on this trip.  When we got there we found Mia Cove (its not really called Mia Cove) it was really cool and it had a mud beach on a little hill and we would slide down the hill on our feet and land in the water! Then we went to Mia Cove later at low tide and it didn't have any water in it! It was just a giant beach! We also saw lots and lots of seals sunbathing and swimming. They were so cute.  From Borealis we saw a mama and baby seal sunbathing together! We went swimming around the boat 3 times and it was 61.7 degrees in the water, but I felt at ease because I had spent time in a very cold outdoor pool that my swim team used in the summer.
 This is a picture of a cormorant drying out his wings
 A baby seal and a mama seal
Remi and I
 A seal poking his head out of the water

Two seals lying on the rocks


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Thing!!!!

Mia here

On Day 11, we anchored in Love cove, a beautiful little cove, that had no one around. For Breakfast we had egg sandwiches. Pretty luxurious for a boat, Huh? Then we moved the boat from love cove to Booth Bay Harbor. After that we met Symmi, my second cousin! We had pizza for lunch and then we went to the Botanical Gardens, which is a beautiful garden. There was a Kid's Garden that had a rope that you walked on from one tree house to the other. It also had a pond that we caught frogs in. And a fairy village where you built houses with natural things. Than we had Tacos for dinner. Then we drove up to ice cream social with Symmi in the thing. The thing is a car. We went in a convertible one. We blasted "Don't Stop Believing" and started dancing in the back seat! When we drove up to the Ice Cream Social at the Yacht Club everyone started staring at us. I wonder why? At the Ice cream social we ate ice cream and went to a soccer game behind the school.  When we got to the Soccer game we just jumped right in and started playing. We didn't keep score, We just played! Naturally as bad as I am at soccer, it got hit by the ball a couple times!

Botanical Garden!

The kid's garden At the Botanical Gardens was awesome! First we went by the squirting whales. They were rocks that looks like whales that squirt out water. Then we went to a maze that you couldn't touch the grass. After that we went to the pond and tried to catch frogs. We saw goats. There was a mama and a baby. Then we went to the rope that was 20 feet over the ground! You had to climb over the rope from one tree house to the other. Then we went to a wigwam. It was like something the Indians would have made. It was like a hut with twigs as it's structure and covered in lots and lots of GIANT bark. After that we went to Bear Cave. It was a cool cave made out of rocks that a bear might have made. Then we made a Fairy village out of natural supplies like bark and leaves. Then we went to the Five Senses Garden where we ate, Blueberries, Chives, Parsley, Dill, Basely, and Strawberries. We went to a foot massage were you take your shoes off and walked on rocks! Then we went into an Echo chamber were we stuck our heads in holes and said something and it echoed. Then we ate Cookies!!!!

On day 12 we went on Tati, a really fast motor boat, to Five Islands for lunch. Five Islands is a group of 5 islands. When we were done we sped back to Borealis. Later that night we went to a BBQ and kick ball tournament. It was really fun but I was really bad at it! Its a little different from kickball in Stow because don't keep score and we play with out shoes. The teams were huge about 25 kids on each! This time the kickball game had a lot of fence-breaking involved (all the teenagers would sit on the fence and it would brake underneath there weight ; ) The next day we went on Tati again but this time we went to the Osprey for lunch but they did not have room for us so we went to the Robinson for lunch. It had really good food there. We also got ice cream there. The peanut butter ice cream is really good!
The rope
A Chipmunk eating a strawberry
Symmi, Remi and, I
Symmi and I dancing!
The Thing
The Thing is comfy!
Symmi, Remi, and I rocking out to "Don't Stop Believing" in the Thing!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini-Life to Big-life

Hey hey hey

Mia here!

We spent day 6 in Rockport MA and it was really hot!!!! We stayed cool by  finding a beach and jumping in, even though we had clothes on!! We also got slushies!

We sailed up to Newburyport and spent day 7 and 8 with Chris, dad's friend! We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One on his giant flat screen TV. We also stayed stayed cool in his air conditioned house. We hung out on the beach and played on a tube and went over giant waves!!! That night we went over to the Schlehrs and watched the movie Rango with Curt and Even. The next day we went to the beach again and then went to Chris's and the farmer's market We ate dinner and I tried scallops and muscles and awesome cupcakes that were chocolate cake with chocolate fudge nuts dipped in chocolate and espresso chocolate frosting on it!  We also looked in a crazy shop called Marco Polo that had dog poop and bacon flavored toothpaste for sale! GROSS!!!!!!! They also had pickle toothpicks, pickle mints, pickle toothpaste, pickle floss, pickle band-aids, and a yodeling pickle!!!!!!!

On the way to Maine day 9 we saw a whale!!! Last night was an overnight-er that means mom and dad stay up all night sailing the ship!

I am now in Maine on day 10!!!!!!!



 This is a picture of Dad ballet dancing next to the mast
 The harbor in Rockport had a bicycle hanging from the flagpole
 Evan, Curt, Remi, and I in my bedroom
Evan, Curt, Remi, and I caught red-handed climbing out of an open hatch

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hi everybody

Yesterday we spent 2 hours sailing to Hadley harbor, but it was like totally worth it!!!!!! We swam in the ocean right off the boat, my dad pulled me behind the dinghy on my boogie board, and we went to a bunch of awesome beaches!!!! We also caught No-Sting-Ems, that's what we call jelly fish that don't sting. The next  morning i slept in!! I woke up at 5:30!!! I usually wake up at 5:00!! And we started sailing at 8:15. We were cruising the cape cod canal when a very obnoxious motorboat came by us and created a giant wake! The wave went over our boat and got in the all the open hatches! Every thing got soaked, but the thing that got the worst blow was my moms computer which was right under the open hatch!!! It was sitting in a puddle and water was coming out of it. Her computer is toast! The carpet is soaked, the couch is soaked, every thing is soaked!!!! We are now in a brewer marina. Washing everything off. We're in Plymouth, the place were the pilgrims landed!! We saw Plymouth rock and a replica of the mayflower! This morning we had fresh eggs for breakfast. They are from Nancy Arsenault's chickens!!! They were really good!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Island

Its Mia Reporting from Cuttyhunk!

Were on the boat right now! We left our wonderful marina and friends behind yesterday. We left from our harbor in Warwick, RI at 10:45am on Sunday. We then arrived at Dutch Harbor in Jamestown, RI at 2:00pm. We stayed the night and woke up at 4:23 am, (mom made a new rule that we have to stay in bed until 5:00 now) checked the weather and were off by 5:30. We were headed to Cuttyhunk, MA and got there 10:30am! We just got back from the beach were I got my feet all scratched up by barnacles!
Cuttyhunk is a tiny island in MA
It is so small that people here don't have cars! They drive around in golf carts instead!!!!! It has awesome sandy beaches and you can swim right off the boat!!! It has an itsy bitsy grocery store smaller than a convenience store!!! The Elementary school is the size of the stone building!! It was a rough sail over but it was worth it!! We took some medicine so we didn't get that sea sick any way! It is awesome here!!!!

 ♥☺ Mia ☮☺♥

Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE...... BUSIEST........ WEEK........ EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hey!!!

Mia here.
 Its been really busy trying to get ready for our trip!!!

I'd like to give a big thanks to all my awesome friends! They threw a surprise party for me!!! They also made me a memory book!!!!!!!

Here are just some of the things that we did.

My grand parents, uncle, and cousin came!

By BFFL (best friend for life) Carli came for a sleepover on the boat!

July 3- My dads birthday!!!!!!!!

The Riens came! They used to be our neighbors before we sold our house. There kids Greachen, Eliza, and Lucy found 112 pieces of sea glass!

My dad's friend, Larry came with his wife and Jeff.

The Sweenys and the Straubs came! There was 8 kids there that day! the Sweeny's brought Meghan, Caitlin, and Ryan! The Strubs brought Julia, Caitlin, and Natilie.

Andrew, another of my dads friends came!

Erin and Stella came for the day!

Bob Glorioso came! (dads flying partner)

Christine, my moms friend, came

Bill brown and his wife came!

The Walkups came! Tracy, grant, Laura, Sarah, and their grand parents live in Framingham!

Gwen and Gordon came!

Then Sam, Jimmy, Celeste and Tom came!

Andy, Jean, and James came! ( they are dads friend)

Erin and Stella went to Kimbles with us!

Busy huh????

Right now I'm in dutch harbor. We left from a awesome harbor in Rhode Island! It was sad leaving our friends at the marina. We will miss you Shelby and Marissa!

The only reason I am blogging is because were are using someone Else's wi-fi!
This is the the best wi-fi we have had since we sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im going to miss all of you guys!!!!!!!

 See here for a bunch of pictures.