Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi Everyone

We left Love cove and arrived at Seal Cove. On the way we saw dolphins jumping up and down in the water. We have also seen a whale swimming, but not on this trip.  When we got there we found Mia Cove (its not really called Mia Cove) it was really cool and it had a mud beach on a little hill and we would slide down the hill on our feet and land in the water! Then we went to Mia Cove later at low tide and it didn't have any water in it! It was just a giant beach! We also saw lots and lots of seals sunbathing and swimming. They were so cute.  From Borealis we saw a mama and baby seal sunbathing together! We went swimming around the boat 3 times and it was 61.7 degrees in the water, but I felt at ease because I had spent time in a very cold outdoor pool that my swim team used in the summer.
 This is a picture of a cormorant drying out his wings
 A baby seal and a mama seal
Remi and I
 A seal poking his head out of the water

Two seals lying on the rocks


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