Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE...... BUSIEST........ WEEK........ EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hey!!!

Mia here.
 Its been really busy trying to get ready for our trip!!!

I'd like to give a big thanks to all my awesome friends! They threw a surprise party for me!!! They also made me a memory book!!!!!!!

Here are just some of the things that we did.

My grand parents, uncle, and cousin came!

By BFFL (best friend for life) Carli came for a sleepover on the boat!

July 3- My dads birthday!!!!!!!!

The Riens came! They used to be our neighbors before we sold our house. There kids Greachen, Eliza, and Lucy found 112 pieces of sea glass!

My dad's friend, Larry came with his wife and Jeff.

The Sweenys and the Straubs came! There was 8 kids there that day! the Sweeny's brought Meghan, Caitlin, and Ryan! The Strubs brought Julia, Caitlin, and Natilie.

Andrew, another of my dads friends came!

Erin and Stella came for the day!

Bob Glorioso came! (dads flying partner)

Christine, my moms friend, came

Bill brown and his wife came!

The Walkups came! Tracy, grant, Laura, Sarah, and their grand parents live in Framingham!

Gwen and Gordon came!

Then Sam, Jimmy, Celeste and Tom came!

Andy, Jean, and James came! ( they are dads friend)

Erin and Stella went to Kimbles with us!

Busy huh????

Right now I'm in dutch harbor. We left from a awesome harbor in Rhode Island! It was sad leaving our friends at the marina. We will miss you Shelby and Marissa!

The only reason I am blogging is because were are using someone Else's wi-fi!
This is the the best wi-fi we have had since we sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im going to miss all of you guys!!!!!!!

 See here for a bunch of pictures.


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