Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hi everybody

Yesterday we spent 2 hours sailing to Hadley harbor, but it was like totally worth it!!!!!! We swam in the ocean right off the boat, my dad pulled me behind the dinghy on my boogie board, and we went to a bunch of awesome beaches!!!! We also caught No-Sting-Ems, that's what we call jelly fish that don't sting. The next  morning i slept in!! I woke up at 5:30!!! I usually wake up at 5:00!! And we started sailing at 8:15. We were cruising the cape cod canal when a very obnoxious motorboat came by us and created a giant wake! The wave went over our boat and got in the all the open hatches! Every thing got soaked, but the thing that got the worst blow was my moms computer which was right under the open hatch!!! It was sitting in a puddle and water was coming out of it. Her computer is toast! The carpet is soaked, the couch is soaked, every thing is soaked!!!! We are now in a brewer marina. Washing everything off. We're in Plymouth, the place were the pilgrims landed!! We saw Plymouth rock and a replica of the mayflower! This morning we had fresh eggs for breakfast. They are from Nancy Arsenault's chickens!!! They were really good!!!!!!!!


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