Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Island

Its Mia Reporting from Cuttyhunk!

Were on the boat right now! We left our wonderful marina and friends behind yesterday. We left from our harbor in Warwick, RI at 10:45am on Sunday. We then arrived at Dutch Harbor in Jamestown, RI at 2:00pm. We stayed the night and woke up at 4:23 am, (mom made a new rule that we have to stay in bed until 5:00 now) checked the weather and were off by 5:30. We were headed to Cuttyhunk, MA and got there 10:30am! We just got back from the beach were I got my feet all scratched up by barnacles!
Cuttyhunk is a tiny island in MA
It is so small that people here don't have cars! They drive around in golf carts instead!!!!! It has awesome sandy beaches and you can swim right off the boat!!! It has an itsy bitsy grocery store smaller than a convenience store!!! The Elementary school is the size of the stone building!! It was a rough sail over but it was worth it!! We took some medicine so we didn't get that sea sick any way! It is awesome here!!!!

 ♥☺ Mia ☮☺♥

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  1. Hi Mia and Remi,
    Look like it is nice little island!
    Love Muksi