Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shing, Shang, Shong

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in awhile. I have a perfect explanation for this though, I've been spending all of my time doing schoolwork. Just kidding, I'm not that perfect. I've really been exploring the islands, swimming, playing on the beach, and doing other fun stuff (though I have been doing schoolwork too). Anyway, the last time I blogged was in Les Saints so I have a lot of catching up to do. When we left Les Saints we went to Dominica, the island were the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. We took a tour around the island with our friends from Canada and a family from Germany. In the German family was a 6 year old girl that spoke very little English. By the end of the trip we learned some German and Julia learned some more English. We also learned a German version of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. You say Shing, Shang, Shong (the name of the game) and swing your hand back and forth. Then you make the rock, paper, scissors, or well sign with your hand. To do 'well' you cup your hands. The only thing that beats 'well' is 'paper' because 'paper' can't go down the 'well'. The tour was very fun, and included a plunge into a freezing 75° waterfall, brrr.

After we left Doninica we went to Martinique, another french country. More fresh French bread and cheese. We met up with Julia and her family on the boat Arwen in every single harbor we went to in Martinique. We spent New Year with Julia and her parents on our boat. This was the first year I stayed up until midnight on New Year and Julia did it too, but we were a little disappointed when not much happened. Five minutes after they went back to thier boat we were all asleep. When we were in the town of Le Marin we could completely talk to Julia using hand signals and a few words from each others languages. Le Marin was a huge city to our standards after being in some pretty remote places. It was a  lot more urban to us than a lot of the places we've been in the Caribbean. It even had fully stocked chanderlies and great groceries stores almost as big as the ones at home, with easy acess via a dingy dock right at the store. After we provisioned and fit as much food and boat parts as we could on the boat, we went to St. Lucia.

Now we are in St. Lucia, anchored right off a beautiful beach that has two resorts on it. Yesterday we went to a mall, yes an actual mall, with a real Burger King! This morning we took the bus to the fruit market and got fresh mangos, avocados, and papaya. Then, as an early birthday present to Remi, we rented some local horses and Remi and Dad rode with Julia and her mom. At the end they went swimming on the horse. Dad decided he didn't want to go in the water. Who do you think got the chance to ride in the water? Yes, I got to ride a horse! This was the first time I got to ride a horse, except for some carnivals where you just walk a couple of feet in a tiny fenced in area. I was a little wobbly on the horse until I got in the water. I also had a hard time getting him to go, but for the first time on a horse, I think I did a pretty good job. Today we went and ate at the Burger King. It was the greasiest food we've eaten on this trip.


Well, I'm sure your dying to hear the next chapter of my story (at least I hope so) so here is chapter 4.

The Ocean

The ground was swaying and my feet were engulfed in water. Suddenly my head was drenched, too. My jaw dropped and a tiny drop of water fell in my mouth. It was salty! My eyes jolted open. A blue landscape was all around me. Except for the clouds everything was blue. I sat down in the little rowing dingy (which was more like half of a barrel) and stared at the beautiful scene before me. The fish, flying fish is what they call them I think, were flying in and out, in and out of the magnificent-...
My thought was interrupted by a sudden wave that got a lot of water in the dingy. Another filled up the boat more and completely brought me back to my senses. I looked around hopefully for some sign of land. There was none. I had never been in a boat before, except for the time I was on a large ferry going from Maine to Nova Scotia. What was I doing in the middle of the ocean? Then I remembered, Fiddlesticks had said something about a journey. Maybe this was the journey. If it was, I wasn't liking it that much.
"Fiddlesticks, Fiddlesticks, I want to go back now!" I yelled hoping that the queer little bird would hear me and come back. My orange sea was glowing. I grabbed it and it burnt me again. Then I tapped it three times, remembering the scene in my bedroom. Fiddlesticks flew out.
"Oh there you are, I was so worried. Where am I? Can you take me home now?" I blurted out.
The little bird looked at the ground and said:
"There are two reasons why I can't bring you back. The first is that I don't have any more magic left. The second is that you are on a little bit of a schedule."
"What do you mean a schedule?" I inquired a little hotly.
"Well when I brought you here I also brought you back in time. You have exactly 6 months to get back to your home or you will be captured in a time-warp."
"Why did you even take me on this so called journey?" I asked, still a little mad.
"The only way to pass this exam and get my magic is to do this to someone. That is why I have no magic to get you back. I was only given a small amount for this journey." He said.
"Okay I get it, but where am I?"
"Look off in the distance to your right and you will soon find out." Fiddlesticks explained as he flew back into the sea glass.
"Why can't you tell me now?" I asked but the little bird was already gone.
I looked to my right and saw the faint image of a boat in the distance. I stood up and started waving my arms as a little sliver of hope stirred inside me.