Monday, August 29, 2011

Animals and people hide from Hurricane Irene in the yacht club of Buck's Harbor

Hey everybody,

Nothing has exciting really happened since my last blog.... EXCEPT HURRICANE IRENE! Well it actually was only Tropical Storm Irene when it hit us, but it still had about 25mph winds as well as gusts of up to 40 (we were in a hurricane hole so it wasn't as windy here as outside of Bucks Harbor).  I wasn't actually on the boat when Irene hit, neither was Mom or Remi. We were at the yacht club that was generously left open for people that didn't want to be on their boat during Irene. There was two dogs named Matty and Sapphire at the yacht club. There was also a cat named Hobo. The animals were there with their owners that didn't want their pets on board during the storm. When I stepped outside the wind almost knocked me over. We started our first day of school while waiting for the storm to pass. I did 8 pages of E.D.M. (every day math) and for my friends back in Stow that are starting school tomorrow, scroll down for the answers.

Just Kidding, Sorry you can't get them out of me that easily.

We slept at Don and Polly's house and we came back to the boat in the morning.

Hobo the cat is on a leash. That's his carrier in the background.

Sapphire is next to Remi and I am petting Matty (they are tied to a table so the won't eat the cat, Hobo)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Island- A neat little island

We took a nice long sail to Frenchboro. Frenchboro is the little town on a little island called Long Island. No, it is not the one in New York. The population is 70 people. Now do you see the difference? Frenchboro has a school that has 12 kids, two teachers, one room, for grades K-8. There isn't a high school on the island so most families have to move off the island for their kids to attend high school. Once there was only two kids left in the school and when they had to go to high school the town would have to close the school. So this wouldn't happen they got 14 foster kids to live in Frenchboro. Only two have returned to Frenchboro after high school. The only way you can get to the island is by boat and the ferry only comes three days a week and even less in the winter. 3/4 of the island is uninhabited. It has one paved road and not that many cars. Most people catch lobsters for a living. We went to a little restaurant that was so small all of us couldn't fit in it. I got a loaded cheeseburger that was gone in three minutes. The chef/waitress/host's husband is a lobster man. He brought some lobsters that were strait out of the lobster pot. There was a really big male that was really fun to play with. 

Remi and I blackberry picking

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's not a Maine beach, but it's definetely Maine water!

Hey everybody, 
Mia here

The day we left Bucks Harbor we went to Northeast Harbor where we stayed for one night. There was an ice cream social and they gave away free ice cream. There was also a really good bakery that had really awesome donuts. Then we went to Somesville where we took the bus to Southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor. I especially liked Bar Harbor. It is really fun because there was a lot of stores. We went to my favorite breakfast place called Two Cats Cafe and it actually has cats! It is my sort of place. In Somesville we got bait bags and we filled them with smashed up snails and muscles and we caught crabs. We caught 6 on the first day, 2 on the second day, and 5 on the third day. We attached string to the bait bags and lowered them into the water. We stayed in Somesville for five days and then we went to Roque Island. There is a white sand beach in Roque Island. It is pure white sand and I have never seen a beach like that in Maine. It was so clean that the sand squeaked! We saw 4 kids there, Riley, Wren, Owen, and Liam. We played capture the flag. For the flag, Wren, Owen, and Remi used a towel. They buried the towel and we couldn't find it afterwards. We found it eventually, but it was hard. We then decided to play in the sand we got all sandy and then forced ourselves into the freezing water to wash off. Today we moved to Bunker cove. It is quieter here but we can't go to the beach.

Crab Catching
Two Cats Cafe

Remi, Riley, Wren, Liam, and I



Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Weeks Catch-up

Sorry haven't blogged in a while, so here goes,

On day 20 we went to a dingy raft up. There was over thirty dingies there. A dinghy raft up is when dingies from a certain cruising club meet and tie up on the end of a boat. We passed around food and talked. It was so much fun. The next day we went to a potluck. A potluck is a event were you bring food to share. We went there to meet other families, but we were the only kids there. Fortunately we saw a sailboat that had some kids on it. They were named Sadie and Lilly. We ran out side and started waving they anchored right next to us and they came over right away. It turned out that they were just out for a short day trip and weren't planing to stay. The had nothing on the boat except for crystallized ginger and honey from their own bee hive that they gave to us. We went to their grandparents house for breakfast and we trained their puppy, Niño, to jump. Niño won first place in the Islesboro dog show.  We went to Sadie and Lilly's neighbor's house and jumped on their trampoline. Then we went to Holbrook. Dad pulled us on the boogie board behind the dinghy. I went really fast and I planed. I'm glad I didn't fall off, the water was freezing. The next day we went to Buck's Harbor. We went to the farmers market. At the farmers market we saw Hannah. Hannah is a friend of mine, I met her the first summer we went up to Brooksville, Maine, 4 years ago. We played tennis with her at the yacht club ate ice cream with her and then I had a sleepover on the boat with her. It was really fun!

The dingy raft up

I climbed up the mast

Sadie, Lilly, and I

The lump of fur that Sadie is holding is Niño

I stared playing fetch with some dogs I found when I was doing laundry

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hi everybody!

Yesterday we had lobsters for lunch! Even though they are not my favorite food they are still my favorite animal. We saw a lobster boat. We pulled along side him and asked for lobsters "No" the fisherman said in a trying-to-be-tough sort of voice. His excuse was that he had an order to fill. He turned around and we turned to go, "Wait! How many do you want?" we answered "just one or two" and he pulled up a pot took two lobsters out and threw them in the dinghy, without the bands on the claws! We tried to pay him but he refused to taking our money by driving off. We couldn't figure out why he had changed his mind so fast, maybe it was my lobster earrings, shirt, and bracelet, Remi's fascinated look, or the thought of a laugh from the chaos and frightened attempts to get away from the snapping claws unraveling before him in the dinghy.

The lobster decided to take a nap on MY jacket (This one is a girl)

A little later that day we went to a small beach were Remi and I played in the water and mom and dad sunbathed. They didn't look up until I started dragging ten foot long logs around and even than they just said "Be careful". That went on for about 30 minutes until it started raining. When it did we ran into the woods and despite getting our swim suits caught in prickly trees, getting scraped on sharp bushes, falling branches (Thanks partly to Remi), and stepping in numerous piles of deer poop we finally got to a soft moss clearing where we found out that it had stopped raining as soon as we got there! So we made the long trek back to the beach that with almost the same incidents and some new ones, like Remi getting lost, but we got out eventually. To Remi and my delight, we found that our logs had not drifted away in the "Storm". After this journey into the woods, we only came up with one conclusion "Maine parks are nothing like Massachusetts ones.

Remi and I playing with our 10 foot long logs

Dad, Remi, and I in the desserted forest

Thursday, August 4, 2011


On day 15 we arrived in Tenants Harbor and we sailed instead of motoring most of the way. For dinner we ate crabs named Rufus, Shell, Seagull, and Bob (I think we got a little too attached to them). Then on day 16 we went to Rockland. We stayed that night. The next day we went into town and we walked SO long our legs hurt. Then we went to a little grocery store and a bagel bakery called Hole in the Wall. When we were done we carried our heavy groceries back to the boat. Today there is the lobster festival and something like big carnival with rides and games. At the festival I got lobster pot earrings and and a lobster Pandora charm. It was so much fun. Lobsters Rock!!!
My lobster Pandora charm

My lobster shirt

My lobster buoy earrings

King Neptune and Black-beard opening the lobster festival