Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's not a Maine beach, but it's definetely Maine water!

Hey everybody, 
Mia here

The day we left Bucks Harbor we went to Northeast Harbor where we stayed for one night. There was an ice cream social and they gave away free ice cream. There was also a really good bakery that had really awesome donuts. Then we went to Somesville where we took the bus to Southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor. I especially liked Bar Harbor. It is really fun because there was a lot of stores. We went to my favorite breakfast place called Two Cats Cafe and it actually has cats! It is my sort of place. In Somesville we got bait bags and we filled them with smashed up snails and muscles and we caught crabs. We caught 6 on the first day, 2 on the second day, and 5 on the third day. We attached string to the bait bags and lowered them into the water. We stayed in Somesville for five days and then we went to Roque Island. There is a white sand beach in Roque Island. It is pure white sand and I have never seen a beach like that in Maine. It was so clean that the sand squeaked! We saw 4 kids there, Riley, Wren, Owen, and Liam. We played capture the flag. For the flag, Wren, Owen, and Remi used a towel. They buried the towel and we couldn't find it afterwards. We found it eventually, but it was hard. We then decided to play in the sand we got all sandy and then forced ourselves into the freezing water to wash off. Today we moved to Bunker cove. It is quieter here but we can't go to the beach.

Crab Catching
Two Cats Cafe

Remi, Riley, Wren, Liam, and I



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