Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Weeks Catch-up

Sorry haven't blogged in a while, so here goes,

On day 20 we went to a dingy raft up. There was over thirty dingies there. A dinghy raft up is when dingies from a certain cruising club meet and tie up on the end of a boat. We passed around food and talked. It was so much fun. The next day we went to a potluck. A potluck is a event were you bring food to share. We went there to meet other families, but we were the only kids there. Fortunately we saw a sailboat that had some kids on it. They were named Sadie and Lilly. We ran out side and started waving they anchored right next to us and they came over right away. It turned out that they were just out for a short day trip and weren't planing to stay. The had nothing on the boat except for crystallized ginger and honey from their own bee hive that they gave to us. We went to their grandparents house for breakfast and we trained their puppy, Niño, to jump. Niño won first place in the Islesboro dog show.  We went to Sadie and Lilly's neighbor's house and jumped on their trampoline. Then we went to Holbrook. Dad pulled us on the boogie board behind the dinghy. I went really fast and I planed. I'm glad I didn't fall off, the water was freezing. The next day we went to Buck's Harbor. We went to the farmers market. At the farmers market we saw Hannah. Hannah is a friend of mine, I met her the first summer we went up to Brooksville, Maine, 4 years ago. We played tennis with her at the yacht club ate ice cream with her and then I had a sleepover on the boat with her. It was really fun!

The dingy raft up

I climbed up the mast

Sadie, Lilly, and I

The lump of fur that Sadie is holding is Niño

I stared playing fetch with some dogs I found when I was doing laundry

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