Monday, August 29, 2011

Animals and people hide from Hurricane Irene in the yacht club of Buck's Harbor

Hey everybody,

Nothing has exciting really happened since my last blog.... EXCEPT HURRICANE IRENE! Well it actually was only Tropical Storm Irene when it hit us, but it still had about 25mph winds as well as gusts of up to 40 (we were in a hurricane hole so it wasn't as windy here as outside of Bucks Harbor).  I wasn't actually on the boat when Irene hit, neither was Mom or Remi. We were at the yacht club that was generously left open for people that didn't want to be on their boat during Irene. There was two dogs named Matty and Sapphire at the yacht club. There was also a cat named Hobo. The animals were there with their owners that didn't want their pets on board during the storm. When I stepped outside the wind almost knocked me over. We started our first day of school while waiting for the storm to pass. I did 8 pages of E.D.M. (every day math) and for my friends back in Stow that are starting school tomorrow, scroll down for the answers.

Just Kidding, Sorry you can't get them out of me that easily.

We slept at Don and Polly's house and we came back to the boat in the morning.

Hobo the cat is on a leash. That's his carrier in the background.

Sapphire is next to Remi and I am petting Matty (they are tied to a table so the won't eat the cat, Hobo)


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