Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hi everybody!

Yesterday we had lobsters for lunch! Even though they are not my favorite food they are still my favorite animal. We saw a lobster boat. We pulled along side him and asked for lobsters "No" the fisherman said in a trying-to-be-tough sort of voice. His excuse was that he had an order to fill. He turned around and we turned to go, "Wait! How many do you want?" we answered "just one or two" and he pulled up a pot took two lobsters out and threw them in the dinghy, without the bands on the claws! We tried to pay him but he refused to taking our money by driving off. We couldn't figure out why he had changed his mind so fast, maybe it was my lobster earrings, shirt, and bracelet, Remi's fascinated look, or the thought of a laugh from the chaos and frightened attempts to get away from the snapping claws unraveling before him in the dinghy.

The lobster decided to take a nap on MY jacket (This one is a girl)

A little later that day we went to a small beach were Remi and I played in the water and mom and dad sunbathed. They didn't look up until I started dragging ten foot long logs around and even than they just said "Be careful". That went on for about 30 minutes until it started raining. When it did we ran into the woods and despite getting our swim suits caught in prickly trees, getting scraped on sharp bushes, falling branches (Thanks partly to Remi), and stepping in numerous piles of deer poop we finally got to a soft moss clearing where we found out that it had stopped raining as soon as we got there! So we made the long trek back to the beach that with almost the same incidents and some new ones, like Remi getting lost, but we got out eventually. To Remi and my delight, we found that our logs had not drifted away in the "Storm". After this journey into the woods, we only came up with one conclusion "Maine parks are nothing like Massachusetts ones.

Remi and I playing with our 10 foot long logs

Dad, Remi, and I in the desserted forest

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