Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Island- A neat little island

We took a nice long sail to Frenchboro. Frenchboro is the little town on a little island called Long Island. No, it is not the one in New York. The population is 70 people. Now do you see the difference? Frenchboro has a school that has 12 kids, two teachers, one room, for grades K-8. There isn't a high school on the island so most families have to move off the island for their kids to attend high school. Once there was only two kids left in the school and when they had to go to high school the town would have to close the school. So this wouldn't happen they got 14 foster kids to live in Frenchboro. Only two have returned to Frenchboro after high school. The only way you can get to the island is by boat and the ferry only comes three days a week and even less in the winter. 3/4 of the island is uninhabited. It has one paved road and not that many cars. Most people catch lobsters for a living. We went to a little restaurant that was so small all of us couldn't fit in it. I got a loaded cheeseburger that was gone in three minutes. The chef/waitress/host's husband is a lobster man. He brought some lobsters that were strait out of the lobster pot. There was a really big male that was really fun to play with. 

Remi and I blackberry picking

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