Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lilly and Sadie

Do you remember the kids, Sadie and Lilly on the Valiant 40’?  They have been in my previous blogs about Isleboro.  Well, we met up with them in Pulpit Harbor.  We saw the looming pulpit rock home to the vast nest of the osprey as well as a bunch of seagulls.  We anchored in a little cove that was in Pulpit Harbor.  We set up the horses (fenders are tied between 2 poles) so Remi can practice her riding without bringing horses on board.  When Lilly and Sadie came we played on the horses and then we climbed on their boom.  We also went into their room on their boat and we covered all the hatches and turned off the all the lights and it was pitch black.   We built a fort in their room in the dark.  It was super fun.  We ate together on Borealis.  The next morning Dad pulled us in Aurora (the dingy).  We were on the boogie board and Dad said that we weren’t going fast enough so we dropped Remi and Sadie at the fishermen’s dock.  We went really fast because there was less weight in it so it planed and it was super-duper fun.  I hope we can see Lilly and Sadie sometime again.  I haven’t blogged in a while because my iPad crashed so we had to go to an Apple store to fix it.  The people at the store couldn’t fix it so they gave me a new iPad.  I will catch up on my blogs soon so keep checking.

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