Friday, September 23, 2011

Family day

Hey everybody!

I am blogging off of my new iPad. We are in our home port in Rhode Island. We left our car here so we have a car now. We have been doing a lot of driving, doing every thing we can think of like getting haircuts, going to Staples, getting boat cards, doing a big Wal-mart run, going to the Newport Boat Show, going to Dad's old work for family day (We saw Emily D. there), and even visited Stow. We can definitely feel fall coming, (we turned on the heat a few times in the morning) so we can't wait to head down south. We start for the Chesapeake soon.

Yesterday we went to Dad's work for family day. First we saw Dad's old office, then we went outside to eat and we sat next to Chris who inhaled 4 burgers in a couple minutes! After that we saw some of Dad's friends. While we were talking to them the ice cream trucks came. Remi and I waited in a ridiculously long line when we found out they were giving away free ice cream. When we finally got to the front of the line and ordered, Chris came and pretend to be our Dad so he didn't have to wait in the long line to get ice cream.  After we chowed down our ice cream we went to see a presentation with Chris, Bill, Margaret, Susan, and Eileen. Chris decided that he was special because he had a bright green shirt on and tried to go into places that were blocked off. We finally got to the presentation we went there for. We realized we were too early. Since Chris could not wait, we decided to go see the big screen demonstration instead.

Later that day we went to Larry's house and hung out with Jeff and Allison. After a few hours of Band Hero on the Wii, it was time for dinner. We had pork and we sang opera about the ingredients on the raspberry limeade bottle. After dinner we had an interesting game of Set that Jeff or Remi won (we couldn't tell because Jeff gave all of his cards to Remi).


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  1. Mia, really impressive blog! You are a great writer. I look forward to hearing more about your adventure.