Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello person staring at your computer screen, iPhone screen, iPad screen, etc.,

We went to the super-busy-compared-to-Maine, NYC.   There was a place that had really good build-your-own-burgers.  I had lettuce, carrots and pickles on mine.  Then we took a stroll to see the big screen in Times Square.  We saw a guy that was shirtless and doing exercises with a stretchy rope on the fence of a subway station.  Weird, usually you see people doing that in a gym, not in a subway station.  When we were done sight seeing we took a train back to Port Washington.  While we were on the train we saw the Mets stadium and the place were they hold the US Open.  I liked how you could walk everywhere in a city and I especially like New York City because of the signs that light up bright in the evening sky and turned and moved every which way. I enjoyed watching all the different cultures and all different fashions. It was SUPER awesome!!!!!!

MITseaAH, (mitt-see-ahhhhh) the mega sailboat yacht that we docked next to in Port Washington was enormous!  It had a swimming pool and hot tub on the bow, a retractable mast, a hydraulic center board and air conditioning.  It's cockpit was larger than our boat and it's spinnaker pole was taller than our mast.  To top it off they had a crew of 7 including a chef and an engineer on board.  It had a stern thruster and a bow thruster.  It went 25 knots and it could plane!  They used 250 gallons of fuel and hour, while we use only 1 gallon an hour.  I won't even get into how much water they use, all I am going to say is that we use 4 gallons a day and they use much, much more. 

Remi wanted to write a little bit in a blog, so here is her perspective of New York City.

"There was man in New York city that was siting on the sidewalk
That was holding his shirt . And had one Shoe on and a big truck
Was behind him and a puddle was  under the big truck then he started
To drink out of it .  It was busy In NYC.  We whet on a train it was fun .  It was dirty at the  train station.  We heard a lot of different languages .  people were protesting . It was loud ."

Remi and I relaxing next to the big screen in Times Square

I am spacing out in a restaurant.
MITseaAH's fore deck (MITseaAH was so big that we could not fit it in one picture)
MITseaAH's aft deck
our boat (it is not a laughing matter that our boat is so small)

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