Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rare Sea Glass

Do you like sea glass? I do! Sea glass is glass that is tossed in sand, water, and rocks. Afterwards it is "frosted" and not sharp. To cheat and make sea glass, put glass in a tumbler or put some rocks and glass in a mesh bag and tow behind your boat. Orange sea glass is the most rare color. The chance of finding an orange piece is 1 in 10,000.Purple sea glass is rare too, the chances of finding one is 1 in 300. Old purple glass has manganese in it. It started out clear but the manganese in it makes it turn purple in the sun. Purple is one of the most desired of sea glass colors. I didn't know all the history behind purple sea glass when I reached for a 80 year old amethyst piece of glass on a beach in East Greenwich, RI. I was talking to some cruisers, that knew alot about sea glass, and I showed them some of my collection. When they saw the purple one, they freaked out! When I heard the story behind it and how valuable it was, I was proud. Sea glass comes in many other beautiful colors including pink, black, green, brown, blue, and many more, so start collecting today!
Here are some of my favorite pieces.
Aqua, found in East Greenwich,RI

Cobalt blue, bought Maine

My Purple

Pink, Brown, and white, found in East Greenwich


  1. Mia,

    I love your Sea Glass collection! I had no idea about the different colors and thier rairity. You have inspired me to start collecting. Chris and I walk on the beach all the time even in the winter so I am going to start looking for SEa Glass on our walks. I will let you know if I find anything fun. Take good care and Hi to Remy


  2. Hi Mia,

    I like your blog a lot! Your story is full of action and suspense; I can't wait to read the next chapter(s).

    ~Michael U.