Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Passage

We are going on the passage to the Caribbean in a couple days. A passage is when you go out in the middle of the ocean and sail for days without stopping. The passage we are doing is about two weeks long so we will be out of contact for about two weeks because their is no wi-fi out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. We will do shifts.  Being on shift is when you are in charge of steering the boat. The trip is about two weeks long, but we might get there faster if there are good winds and it might take longer if there isn't that much wind. My uncle, Sterling is coming tonight to crew for us. He is going to sleep in the v-berth while Mom, Dad, and Remi sleep in the big bed in the aft cabin and I get the little bed in the aft cabin. I am going to get a lot of school work done so I don't have to do that much when we are in the Caribbean. We'll probably fish, read, watch movies, play games, and eat a lot to keep busy.

Remi's thoughts about the passage:
I think we'll see whales and dolphins on the trip.  And we might see some big ships.  And I plan to make a project about what I see.  When we get there it will be hot and I will play on the white sand beach.


  1. Hi Mia and Remi
    Its great to be able to follow the blog and see where you are. I bet Bermuda is fun. Have you seen the historical museum yet,? are there any cruise ships in the harbor? can you say hi to the statue of George Somers for me? I didn’t know there was a Khyber pass in Bermuda – I thought it was in Afghanistan – can you find the Khyber pass in Bermuda?. How do I know so much about Bermuda? Well I don’t know if there are tons of cats there. It seems that everywhere you go there are lots of cats. There were two cats at Sonya’s house in Taos where we stayed. We are now in Mexico in a place called Tepoztlan. There is a cool cat here. Seems like cats are everywhere. We are having a great time here. There is a big festival that just started. We saw an orchestra of young people and some dances. There will also be lots of wild costumes and other events. Hope you guys are having a great time. It must be fun having your uncle Sterling around. I bet he is a great help and I know he is a great caca de vaca player. I miss reading your blogs. How bout an update. Remi, did you see any big boats or dolphins? Mia, let me know about Bermuda and George Somers – who was he?

  2. Hi Mia (and Remi, Tatja, and Pablo!) - you're probably in the middle of your passage, headed south from Bermuda. I hope the wind is at your back! We're getting snow here in Stow (2 days before Thanksgiving).
    Thinking of you,
    Gordon & Gwen