Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I'm blogging here from Tangier Island, Virginia. Tangier is a beautiful island floating 14 miles off the coast of Virginia. Tangier is slowly sinking due to erosion. There are a lot of golf carts and electric scooters on the island because the roads are too small for cars. However we saw 1 small "Police" car. We went to a little museum that has an old stove in it that the dock master used back in the thirties. There was a lot of interesting things on Tangier, here are a few.

Do you think you've seen a lot of cats, like 4 or 5 in 1 house? Well you obviously haven't been to Tangier. Tangier has sooooooo many cats. Almost everyone on the island has at least 5 cats and Mr. Parks, the dock master, even has 26! He says that you get a free night for every cat you take and whenever we pass his house to get to our dock a parade of 20 kitties greets us. I really like one that I call Tangerine. She always hangs out on the dock "guarding" our boat. She even got on Borealis once! She always stands out in a crowd of her black buddies because she is a tortoise shell. That's all I know about the cats on Tangier, but read on to learn about the visit to the beach.

The beach on Tangier was amazing! It was sandy, white, and beautiful. Remi and I dragged logs around, when we finally found the right place, we built a hut. We weaved grass and used that as floors and roofs. We also wrote with charcoal on the logs. It looked really nice, I liked that beach visit!
The cats sure do like us
Tangerine relaxes on the dock
The police car
Tangerine really enjoys to be petted

There also is a old dog at the marina


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