Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini-Life to Big-life

Hey hey hey

Mia here!

We spent day 6 in Rockport MA and it was really hot!!!! We stayed cool by  finding a beach and jumping in, even though we had clothes on!! We also got slushies!

We sailed up to Newburyport and spent day 7 and 8 with Chris, dad's friend! We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One on his giant flat screen TV. We also stayed stayed cool in his air conditioned house. We hung out on the beach and played on a tube and went over giant waves!!! That night we went over to the Schlehrs and watched the movie Rango with Curt and Even. The next day we went to the beach again and then went to Chris's and the farmer's market We ate dinner and I tried scallops and muscles and awesome cupcakes that were chocolate cake with chocolate fudge nuts dipped in chocolate and espresso chocolate frosting on it!  We also looked in a crazy shop called Marco Polo that had dog poop and bacon flavored toothpaste for sale! GROSS!!!!!!! They also had pickle toothpicks, pickle mints, pickle toothpaste, pickle floss, pickle band-aids, and a yodeling pickle!!!!!!!

On the way to Maine day 9 we saw a whale!!! Last night was an overnight-er that means mom and dad stay up all night sailing the ship!

I am now in Maine on day 10!!!!!!!



 This is a picture of Dad ballet dancing next to the mast
 The harbor in Rockport had a bicycle hanging from the flagpole
 Evan, Curt, Remi, and I in my bedroom
Evan, Curt, Remi, and I caught red-handed climbing out of an open hatch

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