Friday, December 2, 2011

Skip Chaser

Hi Everyone,

Now that were in the Caribbean life isn't that bad. Yesterday Sterling flew back to Panama and we moved to a really cool anchorage. The water is super clear so, we went snorkeling. We saw the anchor in the sand, sea cucumbers, and starfish. Then we went to the beach and played in the sand for a while, when we swam back it felt like swim practice because Mom had me do breaststroke and head high crawl. It's really relaxing here and I started writing a story called "Skip Chaser" the sailing adventure of an 11 year old girl. Here is the first chapter.

Orange Sea Glass

White sand, beautiful white sand, rocks, and shells was what I saw. Something caught my eye, a shimmery orange glint. I focused on the bottom of the ocean, a orange piece of sea glass about the size of a quarter, lay beneath me. I gasped and then realized I shouldn't have, as my mask fogged up when I did. I knew that if I went to a place where I could touch the bottom to de-fog my mask, I would lose the sea glass. I started treading water, closed my eyes, and pulled off my mask. I carefully tried to stay in the same spot so I wouldn't loose the sea glass and smeared spit in the inside of my mask. I put it back on and looked for the sea glass once again. There it was, an orange glimmer. I took one last breath and dove down as the top of my snorkel submerged. I kicked hard with my right arm outstretched reaching for the sea glass. Almost there and I grabbed it. A shock of electricity hit me. I lifted  my hand away from the glass instinctively, but the glass stuck to me. The pain became unbearable and the world went black.

I'll post the second and third chapter on the next blog.


  1. I cant wait for the next two chapters!

  2. Hi Mia,
    My husband works with your Dad, and we have been following your blog. We are enjoying hearing about your adventure. I used to teach 4th grade in Stow. I loved your story and cannot wait to hear more! You are a wonderful writer and poet. Are you able to Skype the students in Stow?
    My husband has a 37ft. sailboat, but I must admit that I am not as brave as you and your sister. Have fun and keep looking for sea glass!!