Friday, December 23, 2011

Joyuex Noël

Now we are in Les Saints, Guadeloupe. The locals make excellent crepes and really good bread that is delivered right to the boat. The only problem is we usually don't know what the people, that are selling us the crepes and the bread, are saying. That is because they speak French! Otherwise everything here is really cool. Since Christmas is just around the corner (just 2 more days to be exact) all the local kids are off of school, even though I'm not. Anyway they are had a Christmas celebration yesterday and the door steps of people's houses are decorated in Joyuex Noël posters. Joyuex Noël if you haven't guessed already, means Merry Christmas in French. Christmas in 90° weather just doesn't feel right and we heard a song about sweaty Santa Claus a couple days ago. Even though Santa and his reindeer might be sweaty, Christmas is definitely in the air (as well as firecrackers) and we are getting used to not knowing what people are saying. For those people who are waiting to read the third chapter of my story here it is:

The Voices

I woke up in the morning to the sound of a voice saying "Come over here, tap me three times". I groggily got out of bed, yawned and walked to my closet. I threw open the door, picked out a shirt and put on some jeans, as the voice kept repeating. I opened my door and yelled
"Lucy, I know you're there and you're not scaring-" I stepped out of my room and realized that no one was in the hall. I marched over to Lucy's room grabbed the handle and pulled with all my might while the voice was still yammering on in my head. I gave the handle another jerk.
The voice was seriously annoying me now so I ran to the bathroom, yanked open a drawer, grabbed a bobby pin, and ran back to Lucy's room. I picked the lock and barged into her room.
"Lucy stop it!" I yelled. Lucy turned around, she was on the floor playing with her barbies.
"Stop what?" she demanded.
"Uh, nothing. Did you hear something?" I asked.
"No, did you?" Lucy inquired suspiciously.
"No" I lied. The voice was still repeating in my head.
"Come to me. Tap me three times." It said.
"I was just wondering" I told Lucy.
"Can you go now? Lucy said abruptly
"O.K." I said heading for the door. I walked to my room and sat down. The voice started saying something else.
"Come to me. I'm on your window sill. Tap me three times." my eyes wandered to the window sill. The orange sea glass was moving! I went over and picked it up.
"Ouch!" It burnt me.
"Tap me three times" I tapped it three times, it didn't burn me, instead a tiny brown bird flew out.
"Phew" the bird said "It feels good to be out of the sea glass."
I was so surprised I fell on my bed.
"Eliza I'm going to go to the grocery store, take care of your sister" yelled my mom from downstairs, momentarily taking me out of my surprised state.
"O.K" I yelled back and then turned toward the bird "What's happening?"
"I'm taking you on an adventure. My name's Fiddlesticks. You always have to keep the sea glass with you at all times" the bird chirped a-mile-a-minute.
"What kind of adventures? I'm Eliza, I don't have pockets. How do I keep the sea glass?" I thought out loud.
"Oh yeah, I'll make you a necklace." Fiddlesticks found some wire and string and soon had a necklace. I slipped it over my head and the bird landed on my shoulder. "Close your eyes, you'll be on your adventure soon" he said. With that I left my room for a very long journey.


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  1. Hi Mia, we are enjoying your blog and your story. I can't wait for the next chapter...what a good writer you are!

    Jane and Ben,
    Old Rosie