Wednesday, November 21, 2012

East Greenwich, RI to ....

Sorry about my last blog it was a little late and out of date. It took me a while to write it and then I kind of forgot to post it.

Once we found a house we cast off the lines and set out for 2 weeks of cruising New England. We explored MA and the cape for about 4 days before doing an overnighter to Tenets Harbor, ME. We loved exploring Maine, climbing on the rocks, playing in the tide pools and collecting lobster buoys. We spent many days in little coves, happy to be reunited with Maine's beauty. And I'd like to say, we took the plunge (literally) and jumped in 60° Maine water. It was CCCCOOOOLLLLDDDD!!!! We also swam in a fresh water pond that wasn't nearly as cold. We slowly wandered up to Buck's Harbor, which is about as close to home as it comes, this being the 5th summer we've spent up there. We only spent one night at every place we've been in the past week and a half except for Buck's Harbor where we spent three days. We went from Buck's to Providence Town, which was an another overnighter, and finally back to where we started, East Greenwich, RI. Now we're landlubbers, living in a house and all, but we still visit Borealis every weekend. Today was Dad's first day of work. The trip was sooooo much fun and I hope to go on another one. It was (by far) the best year of my life!

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